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Beer line–how long?

This should be simple question and there are some simple equations out there using keg pressure and line resistance that may get you close.

A really good article that takes many things (too many things?…your final gravity..) that can be found here

The calculator is pretty bonza as well ..if you live in the imperial world.

The real factor here , which is quite significant, have a play with it, is time to pour a pint , a US Pint or about a schooner.

Using this calculator I have derived a pretty good fit form which you will see below. I have allowed for a carbonation of about 2.25 volumes at Canberra altitude. This is low end basic beers, a bit high for English ales but you can adjust by guesswork. I have also set the hose ID at 5mm and agree that 10 seconds is a nice Goldilocks time.